Friday, October 3, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Well the Republicans succeeded in getting Sarah Palin to memorize the McCain Campaign talking points and she obviously became proficient in using her color coded notes to pick out which one she should read for each question. It was clear throughout the debate that Ms. Palin does not have the capability of thinking an issue through, but she is very good at acting the part she was given. Ms. Palin was quaintly charming and appealing as a hockey mom turned politician. However, it is also very clear from the 90 minute debate that Sarah Palin does not have the intellect to deal with the issues of running the World's Most Powerful Military nor of administering to the complexes of the issues surrounding the governance of our Nation.

Joe Biden was a a bit too conciliatory towards Ms.Palin and in his case the obvious was that he was told to be pleasant and bite his tongue instead of lashing out at the absurdity of his opponent. The Democrats tend to be too nice at times and Mr. Biden may have allowed the personality of Ms. Palin to overshadow the urgency of the issues. It is easy to see why the Democrats would like to tip toe around the robotic answers of Ms. Palin without challenging the stupidity of her answers.

Luckily, Senator Obama has two more chances to KO Senator McCain in the upcoming debates, and Senator Biden can redeem himself by pulling some extra Campaign Duty in PA, MO, IN, CO, NV, and OR and FL. The latest polling coming out tonight before the Vice Presidential debates tonight actually had the democrats putting a dent in Texas, YES TEXAS, and GEORGIA!!!! It is a virtual tie in NC, and VA is breaking Obama day by day. OH is now Obama country, and the upper Great Lakes States all seem to be turning deep blue.

Maybe the virtual bankrupting of America had a positive effect, it finally mobilized enough voters to realize that we can not continue with the failed policies, philosophy and agenda of the Republican Party. It would have been interesting for Senator Biden to ask Sarah Plain what effect the lowering of the mark to market of level 3 bonds would have on the economy as proposed in the current Bailout Bill passed by the Senate, but sometimes it is the right thing to do to just bite your lip and let it be. In a few days it will seep in to even those suckered in by her naive charm that Sarah Palin cannot possibly run a Hometown Bank, let alone become the Leader of The Free World.
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