Thursday, November 20, 2008

Act on Iraq NOW

As the Bush Administration leaves office they are trying to lock our Nation into a Security Agreement with the Iraq Government effectively dictating our Iraq Occupation Policy even after they leave office. The Democratic Leadership can not let this happen. In 2006 the American Electorate gave the Democrats a majority in the House on the grounds that they wanted the occupation of Iraq to end. The Democrats failed to act. in 2008 the American Electorate elected a larger majority in the House and the Senate, and elected Barack Obama President with the belief that the Iraq occupation would end as quickly as possible. The Democratic Leadership can not let the Republican Bush Administration dictate the Iraq Occupation Policy even after it is out of office.

It is clear today and will be even clearer as History recalls this age that the Iraq invasion and Occupation was a contributing factor to the downfall of the American Economic System. There was never a reason to invade Iraq and even less of a reason to occupy Iraq. America has poured thousands of gallons of American blood into the sands of Iraq, and has poured trillions of dollars of American Assets into the occupation and government of Iraq. The lies that the American People were told about Iraq's oil paying for the invasion and occupation were the same old Republican Lies, they have not paid for anything. When the Republicans were all over the airwaves making the statement that Iraq Oil would pay for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, most Americans were wondering exactly how much would they pay for each American Military Member killed, what value did the Republicans believe was the correct price for an American life. We now know the answer, the Republicans placed no value on the life of an American Military Member killed in Iraq for they have failed to secure any repayment from the Iraqi Government even while the Iraqi Government is flush with cash while the American Middle Class is disappearing from the lack of cash.

Letting this agreement between the Bush Administration and the Iraqi Government will be the final insult to the American Citizen. The Congressional Leadership MUST stand up and prevent the Republican Bush Administration from signing any deal with the Iraqi Government on the way out the door.
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