Sunday, November 23, 2008

As GM Goes, So Goes the Nation

The old Axiom " As GM Goes, so goes the Nation" is sadly coming true thanks to the policies of the past eight years. GM is for all intents and purposes bankrupt and so is the Nation. Can the Auto Industry be revived? That is questionable, it will certainly not be a major job producer even if it is rescued. With the inability for the consumer to get auto financing will producing cars have any effect other than using the Federal money to stockpile cars? This situation is a direct result of the lack of direction from the previous Administrations from Reagan until now.

United States Policy has been dictated by the oil lobby which has hindered the advancement of Alternative Energy on all fronts. The Nation that mustered the Technology to fly to the moon almost 40 years ago is still unable to produce a vehicle that is able to run without gasoline, yet a third world country like Brazil does not use gasoline to run their vehicles, what is wrong with this picture. The American Economy has been stymied by burning our assets for decades and especially in the last two years when oil speculation ran up the price of oil. Now where are we, we are borrowing money from the oil producing Nations, that George W. Bush told us were our enemies. Where exactly is the money from the 2 million barrels a day of oil pumped out of Iraq, is it held in the Iraqi Treasury? Does Iraq have enough money to pay us back the two trillion dollars that the Bush Administration has squandered in Iraq?
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