Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change Begins

President Obama has already announced his first Press Conference for Friday. This is so refreshing already, after eight years of an Administration that has shunned Press Conferences, we will again see a vital part of participatory democracy returned to the the Executive Branch. It is obvious by the activity surrounding the Obama Team that President Obama is diligently preparing his Administration to take the reins in 75 days and to hit the ground running.

As a sitting Senator, Mr. Obama can and should begin leading now. As a Senator he can propose and push legislation through the Congress that will begin to have an impact immediately. The first thing the Congress should do is get back to work, the party is over. We have taken back our Nation, now it is time to begin correcting the policy deficiencies that have led us to the worst Economic Crisis since thew Great Depression.

Senator Obama should lead the Congress in peeling away some of the $700 Billion Financial Bailout money and apply that where it can do the most good for the Working and Middle Class. $100 Billion Dollars should be peeled away and distributed to the States equally to be used for infrastructure upgrades and improvement that should include removing all publicly owned lighting from the Electrical Grid and make them self sustaining solar or wind operated. The grants must mandate that all Federal Monies used must be used through competitive bidding that takes into account not only price but efficiency.

Another $100 Billion Dollars of the Federal Bailout Monies should be peeled away and used to distribute rebate checks that will have a real impact on the retail economy instantly. The last rebate checks that amounted to about $18 Billion was obviously too little too late to have an impact and jump starting the economy. Another larger round of checks should be authorized immediately. When these checks are received the monies will be spent paying down debt and buying consumer goods which should have a $600 Billion Dollar ripple effect throughout the economy. This will nor be enough to undo the damage done by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration, but it will have the effect of putting a good shot of liquidity into the hands of the People who will spend this money. The money spent will lower retail inventories, put some money back into the banking system and create a seed of economic recovery.

Through the transition team the Obama Administration should start working with the Congress to have a series of legislation ready by January 21, 2009 so that not a day is wasted in passing legislation that will add some permanent stimulation to the economy, such as a massive retrofitting of all Government owned buildings and facilities with alternative, self sustaining, energy systems, that is to be spent with the stipulation that 100% of the equipment purchased for these systems be produced exclusively in the United States. This will put people to work, create long term jobs, create manufacturing, and bring our Nation to the doorstep of Energy Independence.
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Anonymous said...

This article is funny. Firstly, if you insist on posting in public you should learn to spell. Grab a dictionary and lookup the difference between pealing and peeling. Your contention that all publicly controlled lighting be taken off the grid and powered by wind/solar is laughable. What a joke. Do you have any idea at all about which you speak? You have little or no knowlege at all about energy or how things work. Perhaps we can take all of those now broke homeowners and put them on stationary bicycles with attached generators (1 for each public light bulb) and have them pedal continuously to generate the electricity that will make us energy independent. Keep writing because the fictions you pull out of your ass are very entertaining.

Political World said...

Solar paneled lighting is very viable.

Anonymous said...

You should really research and learn about the topics before you write about them. Photovoltiac technology is currently in it's second generation. Typical payback to the average homeowner is about 30 years. Given the poor outlook on any such infrastructure lasting 30 years without corrosion or material breakdown within that time places the realistic payback at about 40 years. Additionally, most homeowner roofing will not outlast that extended time which adds to the expense of employing that technology and makes it virtually untenable. Third generation photovoltiac is realistically 5 to 10 years off. Maybe you'd be better off suggesting little windmills on top of each light to generate the required current for the bulb, or perhaps little treadmills with hamsters can do the trick. That way all the unemployed homeowners can be used to replace the dead hamsters. Keep up the good work.

Political World said...

You fail to realize that if the power of the United States Government would put in massive funding, the industry would grow much faster and innovations will be made. Just as we landed on the Moon with massive government will power and funding, we can also move this industry in a matter of years instead of decades. Israel has been using solar power since 1980 - Germany has over 200,000 homes off the grid and self sufficient, because of a program backed by the Government called 100,000 Roofs which exceeded expectations in less than 10 years. Brazil committed to running there autos without oil, they have accomplished that - Jimmy Carter began funding the industry in 1978 - but of course Ronald Reagan cut the funding while bowing to the oil industry lobby and removed the solar panels from the White House Roof. If the US had committed in 1978 like Brazil did, or even in 1990 like Germany did, we would be almost energy self sufficient by now.

Only 20 years ago you were using a monochromatic monitor, look how the computer industry has grown and the innovations that are made on a daily basis. If the Alternative Energy Industry was fed with massive capital, the same thing will happen. Companies will pour money into R&D to beat the competition and produce a more efficient energy system than their competitors.

You have lost faith in what Americans can accomplish because of the failures of the Republican Party.