Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Change The Congressional Leadership

If the Congressional Leadership can not accomplish anything in this lame duck session of Congress than during the Holiday recess the Democratic Caucus should meet to change the leadership. The Obama Transition team must sit the leadership down and give them an agenda that they are to pass before the Holiday Recess. With Americans suffering more and more each day from the financial devastation created by the failed government of the Bush Cheney Republican Administration and businesses closing every day, it is incumbent upon the Democratic Leadership to propose and pass legislation that will offer immediate financial aid to Americans, their families and small business.

It can not wait until the inauguration of President Obama, it must occur before the month is finished, and if the Republican President Bush vetoes the legislation the Congress must over ride the Veto. Take a page from the McCain Campaign, any Republican who fails to vote to over ride the Presidential Veto of immediate aid should be made famous. The Democratic leadership must make it known who voted against financial aid to families while they are voting to Bailout Multi- Billion Dollar Banks, most of which have a percentage of foreign ownership.

If the current leadership does not have the wherewithal to stand up and pass an economic recovery act that has teeth and that will allow the American Citizen to push some of this economic chaos off of their shoulders than the Congressional Leadership must be changed. The Obama slogan was Change. We need Change NOW from the Congress, they must act and stand up to the Executive Branch and do what is right for the people. If the current Congressional Leadership doesn't have any viable ideas and are unable to stop the Treasury from Bailing out the banks, and credit card companies without aid to the Citizen, then it is time for the young fresh ideas of the younger Democrats to take control of the Congressional Leadership.
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