Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheney Finally Endorses McCain

Vice President Dick Cheney has come out from his bunker where is is busy destroying any records that can be used against the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration in the event of a Democratic take back of the Federal Government. He is most likely making enough paper shreddings to accommodate a New York City Ticker Tape parade. Today he took the time to endorse his buddy and fellow Republican who supports the same policies that he espouses, John McCain. Even though in 2000 as an executive member of the Bush for President Campaign Team, Cheney directed the operations that led to the slandering of Senator McCain during the primary, he now thinks that John McCain is "the right leader for this moment in history". In the endorsement speech at a McCain Campaign event in Wyoming, Cheney said, " John is a man who understands the danger facing America". If that were true, would John McCain have chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate, a running mate who will be one seventy-two year old heart beat away the Presidency? Well, Dick Cheney also thinks that Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

In his speech Mr. Cheney said, " I'm pleased that he (McCain) has chosen a running mate with executive talent, toughness, and common sense". This is more than ridiculous, on the one hand he says that John McCain somehow has the necessary knowledge to lead America and on the other hand he says that Sarah Palin was the right choice. Does he think we are all idiots!!! Here is a Woman who can't even explain to a third grade child what is the function of the Vice President. A Woman who thinks that she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia. A Woman who didn't even have a passport until two years ago, but Dick Cheney thinks in this time of imminent danger to America, that this American Idol wannabe is capable of leading the free world through a turbulent time. With three days to go before the election Dick Cheney has stepped out of his bunker to reiterate that John McCain has supported and will continue to support the Bush/Cheney policies that have destroyed the essence of our Nation, he praises a novice as a worthy occupant of the Presidency if John McCain should happen to leave the earth during his term, which is very likely being that he is in the sixth year of cancer remission from a cancer that has a high percentage chance of returning within eight years.

Again, the true colors of the Republican Propaganda machine are whirling around us. Stop before you vote, think before you vote. Remember 9/11/01, the Republicans claim they did a good job during and after 9/11/01. Nineteen Arab punks circumvented the defenses of the United States of America after the Republican Bush Cheney Administration received warnings from worldwide intelligence sources, what kind of good job was that? Instead of hunting down those that they claim were responsible the Republican Bush Cheney Administration decided to topple the government of Afghanistan and become embroiled in an occupation that History tells us can not be won. They then decided to invade a second country which the world told them had nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11/01. The Republican Bush Cheney Administration toppled a second government of a Sovereign Nation and became involved in a second occupation in the midst of a civil war between three factions in the occupied land. The only thing that was accomplished by the invasion and occupation of two Sovereign Nations by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration, is that our Nation has shed thousands upon thousands of gallons of American Blood and wasted the wealth of our Nation to the detriment of the American Economy which is now collapsing around us. Any recommendation by any of the administrators of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration should be looked at with a jaundice eye, for these officials have not accomplished anything that is beneficial to the American People or our Nation.

The Republican Bush Cheney Administration has failed at every aspect of Governance, why would we want their lackey, John McCain, to continue the failed policies of the Republican Administration that have maimed tens of thousands of our sons, daughters, sisters brothers, mothers and fathers in an unjustified occupation? Why would we want John McCain to continue the Republican Policies that have sent thousands of our fellow citizens to their deaths in useless occupations of countries? Why would we want to continue the Republican Policies that failed to respond when an American City was drowning, and failed to respond to the needs of her citizens even years after the tragedy of Katrina? Why would the American People be expected to want to continue the economic policies of the failed Republican Administration that was supported by John McCain, that has allowed trillions of dollars of assets of the people to be robbed by the Corporate criminals that are given favorable tax treatment in return for lobbyists gifts and money? Why would the American Electorate expect that the Republican John McCain who never once spoke out against any of the failed policies that have encased our Government in a culture of corruption that saw not only the Republican Speaker of the house resign in disgrace, but also dozens of other high ranking Republican Congresspeople and Administration officials? What reason would there be to vote for an inexperienced Vice President that does not even understand the function of the office for which she is running, and could not explain the difference between a Credit Default Swap and a Mortgage Bond in a time of National Economic Crisis?

John McCain has said that he fundamentally agrees with the principals of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration and when challenged could not name one economic policy that he would have executed differently that the Republican Bush Cheney Administration. John McCain said that he was quite content to have American Troops occupy Iraq for 100 years. He has said he does not know much about the Economy. He has said that he would privatize Social Security and let wall Street invest the money of this vital safety net in the same unregulated Credit Default Swaps that are now causing worldwide economic chaos and are stripping the hard earned assets from the American Worker and the American family. John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, a novice in the workings of Governance, and said she was the best choice that he could have made. He is proud of his choice. Does anyone want a President who thinks that Sarah Palin was the best choice to be Vice President. even after realizing his mistake McCain continues to claim that he is proud of his choice. Now McCain runs around talking about socialism when he fully supported the largest Corporate Socialist Economic Policy ever perpetrated in the History of the United States by giving 700 Billion Dollars to the financial Corporations that caused the havoc that has put the American People in the untenable position of losing everything that they and the preceding generations have worked to achieve.

The endorsement of John McCain by Dick Cheney is equivalent of the class clown being endorsed to run the bank by the bank robber. Please don't let the multi billion propaganda machine of the Republican Party cloud your judgement, vote for the survival of the American ideals of liberty, freedom, equality and human dignity that the designers of this experiment we call The United States of America laid the foundation for on July 4, 1776.

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