Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Dawning

The Election of Senator Barack Obama begins a new chapter in the American Political History of the United States of America. In this, the dawning of a new century, it is fitting that there there is a New Dawn for the American Presidency. One that will break from the past eight years of Government for the Corporations, by the Corporations and of the Corporations. Barack Obama as he has stated must now begin to fulfill the Campaign rhetoric and move full steam ahead to begin to correct the problems created by the past Administration.

As he said in his speech after the election, it won't be easy. I think all Americans realize that it won't be easy because this Administration has left the American People devastated. The Working Class is relying on food assistance and energy assistance to meet their basic needs, the middle class is stretching their last dollar to be able to meet their needs. There is the housing crunch, the lack of well paying jobs and the diminishing of assets that have taken a lifetime to accumulate.

In reality, can a President change the circumstances of everyday life in America? That is the question being asked today, and the answer is in a way. The policies and programs that President Obama chooses to put at the forefront will have the most impact on the immediate situation engulfing the American People.

During the Campaign President Obama hinted at Energy Independence, this is the single quickest program he can get up and running immediately. If their is $700 plus Billion Dollars to bailout those that plundered the American Economic System then there has to be $500 Billion Dollars to begin the march towards sustainable renewable energy. President Obama should immediately begin a program that will grant each State 10 Billion Dollars to get every Government owned Building retrofitted with sustainable renewable energy systems. This will immediately create jobs in the development, production and installation of Energy Systems, which will in turn create jobs as these workers spend their incomes throughout the economy. Every Government entity will save money on Energy when their buildings are fitted with renewable energy systems which will allow local and State Governments to realize saving in energy costs instead of paying to burn our assets with fossil fuels.

If President Obama can succeed in a program that will remove all fossil fuel use from every Government facility, he will accomplish more than the previous Administration did in 8 years. He must remember the priorities and work to prioritize the programs that will benefit the economy immediately. The road will be rocky, but if President Obama can run the Government with the precision with which he ran his campaign, America will be in good hands.

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