Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't Be Fooled by Cheap Gas

As Gas prices continue to fall due to the global recession and lack of demand, America can not become complacent about getting our Nation off of the fossil fuel nipple. With the incoming Administration professing to support Alternative Renewable Energy, the People must keep the pressure on Congress and the Democratic Obama Administration to live up to their pledge of fully funding research, development and implementation of a new energy economy.

Certainly the Obama Administration will be deluged with the Economic Mess that will be left by the Republican Bush Administration, but they must not loose sight of the future. In fact a fully funded program that will develop alternative energy sources and systems will be a major factor in growing the American Economy. Massively funding the research, development and implementation of alternative energy will benefit the American Economy in the short term and the long term. It will immediately create American jobs if all funding is hinged on a prerequisite that any Company that wins a Government Alternative Energy Bid MUST only use products made in America and must use only American labor that is paid a living wage.

The future benefits of putting an end to the Fossil Fuel Economy will be seen as we as a Nation stop burning our assets. An Alliterative Energy Economy will grow the assets of American, it will stop pollution damage, stem the tide of pollution related health care issues and will create an American Industry that can be the worldwide leader and exporter of Alternative Energy Systems.

The Democratic Congress and the Democratic Obama Administration must fund the Universities that will research innovations in alternative energy, earmark monies to get every government building off of fossil fuels and get every government owned traffic light and street light off of the electrical grid and onto a self contained solar system. The Congress and the Obama Administration must set a timeline and bury the fossil fuel economy within 12 years. Every aspect of American Society will benefit from the cessation of burning fossil fuels to power our Nation.
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