Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Election Day 2008 opens another chapter in the History of the greatest human experiment in Governance that civilized society has ever under taken. Of course to us that have lived through the rancor, lies, slander and divisiveness it might seem that it is an archaic system, but time after time election day in the United States of America has allowed for the peaceful transition of power. A transition that is completed in an orderly manner based upon the best abilities of the bureaucracy to hold a fair and balanced election.There are cries of abuses and disenfranchisement, and these are complaints that must always be examined and corrected if needed, but for the most part the American electorate systems has endured over two hundred years and has led to the peaceful passage of power from one government to the next in a seamless manner.

Election Day in the United States is one of the load bearing blocks in the foundation of the building that we call the United States Government. It is a foundational block that is reinforced each time an election leads to the fair transition of power based upon the majority will of the people. Yes, there are corrections needed to the election system, it needs to be modernized in keeping with the available technology and the ability to have as many participate as possible. The funding of campaigns needs to be reassessed and changes made, but fundamentally we have a system that allows hundreds of millions of people participate in the selection of the ideals and policies that will guide us through the coming years. Aside from a few times in history when the election process was manipulated, the United States has been able to hold continuing free elections based upon the documents that our Nation is based upon for over two hundred years and we have been able to change the Governmental leadership over 40 times without military overthrows, riots or bloodshed.

Election Day 2008 is one of those Historic Election Days in our Nation's History, not because of the outcome, but because of the participation. Election Day 2008 has stirred the patriotism of so many Americans that it will go down in History as one of the largest election day turnout by the voters of the United States. Because it will be a turnout of historic proportions it will again fortify the foundational blocks upon which our Nation is built. No matter what historic significance the winner of Election 2008 will bring to the history books, the participation by the most Americans ever is living proof that the structure of the United States is solid and sound and it reinforces the brilliance of the men who conceived the documents upon which this Government is based. The Winners of Election day 2008 are the Founding Fathers of this greatest experiment in Governance that the earth has ever seen.
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