Friday, November 28, 2008

The Events in India

The recent attacks in India reflect on the foolishness of the Bush Policies of invading and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq. The India attacks show that terrorism can not be squashed by occupying countries. Terrorist use gorilla war tactics in executing their demented attacks upon civilians to obtain press coverage for their mindless causes. Trying to pin down a gorilla army by occupation can never work. In this case in particular it can nor work because the terrorist were never from Iraq, they were attracted to Iraq because of the American Occupation. In Afghanistan, the terrorist seek haven where any sitting government would be unable to contain them Every Military expert throughout history has recognized the difficulty of trying to defeat an enemy in the terrain between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yet the Bush Administration has committed a police force size Military presence to this most difficult region of the world. This Military force does not have the ability to stop the individuals who have used this mountainous region for tens of generations and know the terrain inside and out.

In Iraq, the Bush Administration had a one track mind to get our Military in there even before they ceased the power of the Presidency. Our short term historical evidence clearly presents the evidence that this Administration lied and deceived the American into committing troops to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Over 55,000 American lives have been destroyed through death, wounds and mental problems from the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and to what end? Iraq was a Country held together by a dictator who was able to keep a three way civil war in check up until the day of his overthrow by the United States. The American Military has suffered greatly because of their espouser to the three factions that will surely break out into civil war if we can ever withdraw our Military. So what exactly was the reason to go into Iraq, as can be seen by the tragedy in India, these acts are done by small groups and individuals who are brainwashed by an ideology, an army can not stop them, only vigilance can.

The resources and lives wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq would have been served better if they had been trained and funded to patrol the boarders of our Nation and man the entrance points with an alert presence of technology and people. Today we sit with over 150,000 American Military tied to the occupation of two Nations, when a handful of individuals can bring the trgedy of India anywhere that is not vigilant within their own Nation.
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