Saturday, November 29, 2008

George W. Bush and History

In a story reported by By JENNIFER PARKER on ABC News.COM it was reported that in an interview given to his sister, Dorothy Bush Koch, George W. Bush stated that he wanted History to remember him as a liberator, claiming that he "liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace". This man is clearly out of touch with reality. Who exactly does he think he liberated and what peace did he achieve. Does he think that invading Sovereign Countries is liberation? The only people he liberated in Iraq and Afghanistan are the people that he liberated from their lives with their untimely deaths from the destruction caused by his war of lies and mismanagement. There are thousands of Iraqi orphans who have been liberated from their parents, are these the liberated people to which he is referring.

History will record the Presidency of George W. Bush as an Administration based on lies, deceit, corruption, and lawlessness. A Presidency that led to America being despised by the International Community. The George W. Bush Presidency was a failure at every level. His policies have destroyed the world economy and cast America into the worst financial depression since the Great Depression. George W. Bush has led the Nation into poverty, despair and gloom. Who does he think he liberated?

Is he referring to liberating the victims of Katrina from their homes? Is he referring to liberating the middle class from their place in society as they fall into abject poverty. This man is clearly delusional without any concept of what is going on in America and throughout the world. Yes, Americans you should be thankful and remember George W. Bush for liberating you from a stable financial future with the hopes of promises that accompanied the American Dream until his Presidency. You are now liberated from the worries of what to do in your retirement for you will never be able to retire, thanks to the policies of George W. Bush and the Corporate Republican Party your old age will be spent working, you are liberated from the idle days of retirement.

Seriously, is George W. Bush on mind altering drugs? Trillions of dollars of American assets were wasted in the unwarranted invasion of the Sovereign Nation of Iraq. Oh, wait he did liberate America from the burden of Trillion Dollars. Yes, Mr. Bush I am sure that History will view you as a liberator and an instrument of peace. There is nothing like invading and occupying Countries on a whim to foster world peace. I am sure that the families of thousands of dead innocent Iraqis are grateful that George W. Bush is a man of Peace and a liberator, and I'm sure they have the utmost respect and good will towards America and her People thanks to the liberation efforts of George W. Bush.

The audacity of this man to even make a statement like this is beyond comprehension. Can he actually believe that his Presidency had any kind of positive effect on America or the world? Can he really believe that History will see him as anything other than an incompetent ideologue who fostered policies that led a once great and powerful Nation to the brink of disaster.

Well he did liberate America from the tenets of the Geneva Convention and he did circumvent those dreadful anti torture laws. Let's not forget the liberation of over 4,000 American service men and women who lost their lives in a wasteful and useless invasion and occupation of those Sovereign Countries. Then there are the tens of thousands of injured and maimed who have been liberated from the use of their bodies. Yes, George W. Bush History will remember you as a liberator, a liberator of the moral values that we as a Nation have held for over two hundred years, you have liberated us from the values and goals of the American Dream and have liberated us the high moral standards that the rest of the world saw in the American Dream. So now America can be free from living up to the dreams and aspirations of the founding premises of this Greatest of Civilized experiments in Governance. History will record the George W. Bush Administration as the Blue Print for how not to govern a democratic republic.

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