Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New Congress

It is a cinch that not much will be accomplished in the lame duck congress being that this Congress was the "Do Nothing" Congress of our time. Now that the elections have swept in a larger majority for the Democrats there will be no excuse for not having an agenda driven, proactive Congress. Granted a lot of the Democratic Majority was swept in by column voters and the shirt tails of President Elect Obama, but that does not mean that the People are not expecting a Congress that will take action. If Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Ried do not have an aggressive agenda to deal with Alternative Energy and its funding, Health Care and its funding, the withdrawal of troops from occupied lands and the funding to reintegrate them into American Society, then they should resign their posts at the end of this Congress and let young leadership take over the Congress and drive it to enact programs with a vision for the future.

Now that the majority is decisively Democratic there will be no excuses, this Congress has one year to pass the most aggressive forward looking funded agenda in the History of our Country and if they don't respond they will not be re-elected Democrat or not. The People are sick and tired of the inaction of Congress. The Democrats in Congress failed to stand up and protect our nation from the follies of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration and the tolerance level of the American People for another Congress of inaction is very low.

If the Democratic Majority had any respect for the will of the People, the current Democratic Congressional Leadership will be changed immediately to a leadership of youthful vision and determination and the old guard can enjoy their cushy jobs as long as they show up for the votes and vote for the future of America.
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