Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nobody Doesn't Like Sarah Palin

Well now that the Republican McCain campaign has finished using Sarah Palin, it seems they can't distance themselves enough from her. Rumors abound, anonymously of course because that is always the Republican MO. As the Press tries to guess the source the Sarah Palin stories are surfacing faster than the paper shredders in Dick Cheney's Office.

So far we have rumors that she doesn't know one U.S. policy in the last ten years, that she doesn't know if Africa is a country, that she is a diva who demanded such extravagances as, Diet Dr. Pepper. Of course Sarah is denying all with the same simplicity with which she campaigned. Maybe she should get Joe Six Pack or Joe the Plumber to vouch for her. Well anyway, there is a whole wing of the Republican party that just adores her naivete and is willing to make her the Republican Nominee for President in 2012. I think we should encourage them, I think she will make a fine nominee for the Republican Party in 2012. It is just what they need, young blood.

Of course the faction that wants her to represent them will have to squash these incessant rumors as quickly as possible, they don't want her reputation ruined. You know what happens once the Republicans set out to ruin a reputation. Don't fear, Lush Limburger, is still rooting for her, and so is Slick Insanity and of course their loyal listeners who are all great Americans and always support the President and the Constitution. As soon as Faux News gets the memo out to all their entertainers they will love Sarah Palin too, Greta is already on her way to rescue her from the Republican rumor mill.

Maybe Faux News can give her a show that will rehabilitate her reputation in time for the 2012 run at the White House. maybe they can come up with a game show for her being she doesn't do so well with interviews. We can learn all about Sarah by watching her "Around The World with Sarah Palin Show". That will give the American Electorate a chance to get to know her better, after all we only had nine weeks to really experience her. I think Sarah Palin is a great new face of the Republican Party, she is the perfect spokesman, not only doesn't she have any ideas about Government Policies but she also expresses the ideas she doesn't have so well, almost as well as George W. Bush.

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