Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Press Conference

How refreshing to see Senator Obama interact with the press in a Presidential manner after eight years of watching the embarrassment of the Bush Press Conferences. Senator Obama addressed the press with respect and his answers where succinct and to the point.

With the announcement of the under reported unemployment numbers by the Bush Administration over the last few months, it was obvious that Senator Obama realizes that the financial disaster created by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration is worse than most people thought. Senator Obama showed and expressed the proper concern over the newly released numbers. Senator Obama showed restraint when questioned by the press on what immediate actions are needed and reminded the press that "The United States has only one government and one president a a time". Although true, it is too bad, because President Bush obviously doesn't realize the seriousness of the financial situation and the devastation that afflicts the American Family after eight years of failed Republican Policies that catered to the Corporate greed and ignored the Citizens of the Nation.

The honest and calm responses by Senator Obama to the questions by the press was a breath of fresh air compared to the brashness of the Bush Press Conferences over the last eight years. Of course the failures of the Republican Party Policies have left our Nation in a position that no man would want to tackle, but President Elect Obama said he will begin to tackle the problems immediately and will begin now by working with the lame duck Congress and President Bush to try to craft an immediate stimulation for the economy without interfering with the remainder of the Bush Administration.

Today's Press Conference by Senator Obama bodes well for the next four years of progressive democratic policies that are responsive to the Citizens of our Nation. With all of the failures that need to be repaired it is a wonder that any man would want to tackle the problem, luckily we have elected an intelligent, thoughtful, purposeful man to lead our Nation through the turmoil.
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