Monday, November 10, 2008

Oust Senator Lieberman

Many of the John McCain Campaign events had Senator Joseph Lieberman, former Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee, standing behind John McCain while he spewed his lies, innuendos and phony policies at these rallies. Joseph Lieberman was once a good Democrat who adhered to the Democratic party Philosophy of a Government by the People, for the People and of the People, but when the People chose not re-nominate him for the Senate on the Democratic ticket because of his steadfast support of the Republican George Bush/Cheney Administration and for supporting the illegal war in Iraq, he bolted the party, sold his morals and vanquished his ideals.

Re-Elected to the Senate as an Independent while being supported by his new friends in the Republican Party, Lieberman chose to caucus with the Democrats even though he now fully supports the failed policies of the Republicans. Because the Democrats wanted to be the majority party in the Senate so that they could have a stronger voice in opposition to the failed Republican Policies, they accepted Joseph Lieberman as a member of their caucus. After the most recent Presidential Campaign there can be no doubt on the side that Lieberman stands on. He was willing to totally sell out the ideals of this Government and fully back the Republicans even after they nominated Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Lieberman even attended the Republican National Convention.

When the new Congress convenes Senator Joseph Lieberman should be excluded from the Democratic caucus and stripped of his Committee Chairmanships, he is a by all intent and purpose a Republican. The Democrats do not need a spy in their mist while they are trying to correct the problems that the failed Republican Policies have bestowed upon our Nation. If he acts like a Republican, and talks like a Republican and voted for Republicans, he is a Republican.

The DNC should also take note and start the Connecticut Democratic Campaign to find a worthy Democrat to represent the Nutmeg State NOW. The DNC should muster all resources needed to get this mole ousted from the United States Senate, he can join the Sarah Palin Campaign and run with her in 2012.
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