Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President-Elect Obama

It is so refreshing to see a man who acts and speaks like a President at a Press Conference, for that matter even seeing the President at a Press Conference. It seems like President-Elect Obama has already given more Press Conferences that G.W.Bush did for his entire eight years, not that that is a bad thing because just watching G. W. Bush at a Press Conference was usually an embarrassment to the Nation.

President-Elect Obama is not only at ease with the Press, he is polite, informative and direct. I can't even remember the last President we had that made a Press Conference an interesting event to watch, I guess Kennedy. At least President-Elect Obama feels it necessary to reassure the American People that he recognizes the serious financial situation that this Administration has put the Nation in, and that he is fully aware of the consequences and is assembling a team of advisers to delve into the issues on day one. Remember all the rhetoric from the Republican Presidential Candidate about how Mr., Obama wouldn't be ready on day 1, well it certainly looks like he is ready before Day 1. It is only three weeks since the election and President-Elect Obama has addressed the Nation more than five times, plus radio addresses and press releases on a daily basis. It is too bad we have to wait for the current Administration because every day they remain in power is detrimental to our Nation.

Besides the Bush Administration sticking their head in the sand and giving away the Nation's money to Corporate thieves, they have quietly been issuing executive orders that are meant to influence the policy of the next Administration by tying their hands with contract that will not be able to be broken. And in their favorite game, the Bush Administration is trying to get Iraq to commit to a treaty that will keep American Troops in Iraq longer than the American People wanted. Congress should tie them up in investigations to stop them from enacting any more damaging policies.

My one complaint about Mr. Obama so far, is that he is too polite. True, that we need to focus on the future, but we should not allow the outgoing Administration to walk away from the damage that they caused our Nation without investigations and repercussions for the multitude of problems that they will leave the Nation to face.

Mr. Obama must certainly stick to the Agenda of restoring the fiscal health of the Working Class and Middle Class while pursuing a New Energy Policy that will lead America to the future, but he should assign some people to start sifting through the ruble and over turning some rocks to see exactly how we ended up in Iraq, why our Economy is Collapsing, and exactly who has been profiting from the 2.2 Million barrels of Oil that is being pumped out of Iraq on a daily Basis. Yes the future is the priority, but the past must be examined.

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