Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Although Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a feast of Turkey and Harvest Vegetables to commemorate the Harvest Celebration of the Pilgrims, this year will be markedly different for millions of our fellow countrymen thank to the Republican Policies of the last eight years that have given rise to the largest increase in poverty since the Great Depression. Food banks and food pantries throughout the Nation are overwhelmed and are not able to accommodate all of those seeking food this Thanksgiving.

Our Citizens starve as the Federal Government continues to hand out Billions upon Billions of dollars to multi-national Corporations so they they may continue to pay their Executives Millions of Dollars in compensation. Even if you believe that this corporate welfare is indeed necessary, shouldn't these Corporations be required to have their workforce in the USA? American Express was a benefactor to the largess of the Federal Government, have you ever called American Express? They answer in India. You would think that since they just came begging for money from the Citizens of the United States that they would at least have a workforce hired in America so that the American money that they received from the United States of America would provide jobs for Americans. The same goes for Citibank, their call centers are not based in America. The Congress wants a plan from the Auto Industry, how about the Financial Companies. It should be mandated that if money is accepted through TARP or any of these other Corporate Welfare Programs that the Company hire Americans in America for all jobs that service the American Consumer.

Hopefully but not likely that this will be the last Thanksgiving of Americans suffering from poverty and hunger. The failed Republican policies as Administered by the Bush Administration has done fantastic damage to the prosperity of our Nation and has stopped its ability to grow and provide an dynamic economy that would foster the betterment of the people. The Republican Bush Administration policies were those of short sighted wanton neglect that allowed for Corporate unaccountability, conspicuous consumption, excessive Corporate greed and lowering of the living standards of the average American Family.

In his final Thanksgiving Address, Mr. Bush stated that he was thankful for the privilege of serving as President. He did not discuss if he fulfilled the promise of that privilege. He did not. Lies and deceit placed us in two invasions and occupations of questionable duration, mismanagement, greed and ideology saw government failed from regulating the Financial Industry to gutting FEMA of its ability to respond while a Major American City was lost. Millions of Americans have sunk into poverty while millions more have been driven into desperation. The current Republican Administration will be in a close race with the Hoover Administration for the worst performing Administration in the History of the Nation.

As Americans, we should be Thankful that this black hole in our Nation's History is drawing to a close and that the devastation caused might be able to be corrected in the next thirty years.

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