Friday, November 21, 2008

Tommorrow is Too Late

As the Economy of the United States is pushed further and further down the road to another Republican inspired Great Depression the leadership of the Democratic Congress must stand up and ACT NOW, tomorrow is too late. Each day that passes with inactivity by the Democratic Congress will mean months and months more spent in in the next Great Depression. Any Republican who still believes in the policies of their Party which have led us to where we are now should resign from Congress in disgrace. Any Democrat who fails to stand up now after failing to stand up to the fallacies of the Republican Bush Administration should also resign in disgrace because in 2 years you will not be re-elected if you fail to stand up now and be counted on the side of the People and not on the side of the Corporate Occupation of our Government.

The Democrats must not allow the credit card industry to be bailed out after years of loansharking violations, in fact, the credit card industry should be charged under RICO along with the financial dealers who used the Credit Default Markets as a Roulette table. The contributing factors to America's demise are The Republican Policies, The Bush Administration, The Iraq Invasion, the Afghanistan Invasion, the Lack of Corporate Regulations, The Ending of Usury Laws under Ronald Reagan and the Failure of the Democrats to stand up for Justice for the American People. This is the last opportunity to stand up as Democrats to end the cycle of demise begun by the Republican Ideas of feeding the rich and hoping the crumbs fall off the table for the rest. If the Democrats fail to stand up and offer contrition for their lack of leadership during the Republican Bush Administration then they should go the way of Joe Lieberman and get out of the Democratic Party, or even better the People should recognize the power of small contributions that enabled Barack Obama to get elected and organize to form a viable Political Party that represents the People of the Nation. This Nation was founded when the Government failed to represent the People, it is time to reform that ideal if the Democrats do not seize this last opportunity to represent the People.
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