Monday, November 17, 2008

The Upside of The Bush Administration

For those of us that lived through the turbulence of Viet Nam and the Republican Nixon Administration, living through the Republican Bush Administration makes remember those days with fondness. On August 9th, 1974 we all thought it would be the end to an unresponsive American President. Then Ronald Reagan was elected. Another Republican Administration that tore apart at the fabric of the working class and middle class.

Nixon sent the children of the working class and middle class off to be maimed and killed in a occupation that grew by the day. Although Nixon eventually realized the folly of Viet Nam it was not until 55,000 Americans were killed and countless numbers broken and maimed. Viet Nam scarred the Nation and divided her People. But Nixon at least had some redeeming qualities, he was a world diplomat and saw a vision of a prosperous interactive world community. He extended a hand to the Communist Countries of China and Russia and at least accomplished the normalization of diplomatic relations. At the time any positive of the Republican Nixon Administration was over shadowed by the horrors of Viet Nam and the repression at home. After eight years of the George W. Bush Administration, the Nixon Administration begins to look like a Progressive Administration.

The Republican Reagan Administration brought secret wars, the Iran Contra Scandal, and the absurd theory of trickle down economics which was revived by the Republican George W. Bush Administration. Even George H.W. Bush recognized the absurdity of the Reagan Economic agenda and campaigned against it during the Republican Primaries calling the Reagan Theory of Economics, "Voodoo Economics". Reagan being a trained actor was able to wrest the Republican Nomination away from George H.W. Bush and act his way through the Presidency. Because he was a trained Political Speaker who gave thousands of Political Speeches while working for GE, Reagan had no trouble convincing a narrow majority that he was a competent President. The working and middle classes again suffered under the Republican Policies of the Reagan Agenda. He declared war on Unions which were the last vestige of hope for a living wage for the average person. He decided that Ketchup was a vegetable and therefore school lunches for the poor could be streamlined. But even the ridiculousness of the Reagan Administration can not touch the devastation that the Republican Bush Administration has put our Nation Through.

In Less than Seventy Days the LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE will be HISTORY.
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