Monday, November 3, 2008

We Need You - OH, PA, FL, CO, NV

An open letter to the People of OHIO, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. Please vote tomorrow for the future of our Nation. You have heard a lot of slander and innuendos from the McCain Campaign and the media that supports him. John McCain is a seventy two year old man in the sixth year of cancer remission who has chosen a novice as his Vice Presidential running Mate, who can't even tell a third grader what exactly the Vice President does.

John McCain is not a "Maverick", he is a Republican. He believes in the Republican Philosophy of feeding the wealthy and hoping that the crumbs will fall off the table and feed the working and middle class. Before you vote, think about where you were financially before the Republican Bush Administration and where you are now. Think about history. Every Republican Administration from Herbert Hoover till now has caused the suffering of the working class and middle class, stripped them of their assets and caused their early deaths with wars, poverty, sickness and pollution. Save your self, save your children, save our Nation. Vote Democratic on November 4, 2008.
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