Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful That the Republicans are Leaving

It is common on Thanksgiving for Americans to say why they are Thankful. In light of the current state of our Nation it is a wonder that there will be any reason to be Thankful. But I am Thankful even though I am living through the worst financial disaster in American History, I am Thankful that this will be the last Thanksgiving that our Nation will be controlled by the failed policies, and ridiculous assumptions of the Republican Party. I am Thankful that George W. Bush will be moving out of the White House soon. I am Thankful that the Republican Senators will be neutralized. I am Thankful that the House of Representatives will have less Republican Congressman representing Corporations against the American People. I am Thankful that the Secretary of Treasury will not have any more access to the Nation's money to hand over to his friends in the Financial Industry.

I am Thankful that we, as a Nation, are on the verge of a new beginning in the pursuit of a Government By the People, of The People, and for the People. I am Thankful that the incoming President can hold a Press Conference and answer questions in complete sentences full and succinctly with manners and dignity. I am Thankful the face of America on the International Arena will soon be seen as a member of the world community and not an enemy of the world.

I am Thankful that the American People do have threshold that can not be crossed and they will elect the best candidate for the job irregardless of race, color or creed. I am Thankful that the American Electorate saw the importance of this time in History and stood up to the excesses of the failed Republican Policies and determined that they should be no more than a tolerated minority in the function of the Representative Government of the Nation.
So, although this year will no doubt go down in our short American History as the year that America could have ceased to exist, the American People stood up and spoke out for the continuance of this Great Experiment in Civil Governance that we call the United States of America. So I am Thankful that this greatest experiment in the History of Civilization will live on to progress even after the worst governed eight years in the Nation's memory.
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