Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 What a Year

2008 is a year we will remember for decades to come. 2008 was the year that all the flawed policies of the Republican Philosophy of Governance showed its face and destroyed the progress that America has achieved over the last 60 years. The Failed policies of the Republican Bush Administration grabbed the headlines from the collapse of major Insurance Companies to the banking system to the retail sector to the automotive industry. The foolishness of tax cuts for the wealthy while occupying two Sovereign Countries after illegally invading them came home to roost.

The shinning moment in 2008 was the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of The United States which holds a slim promise for the future after the Bush Administration has destroyed all the good things in America.

2008 also saw the Republicans highlight their absurd vision of America with the nomination of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential Candidate. After 8 years of a C student President, the Republicans seriously nominated another nit wit to lead our Nation through a time of utter despair caused by the same Republicans.

The promise of 2009 rests in the hands of a new Administration under the leadership of Mr. Obama, but the reality is that the Republicans in control of Congress for 6 of the last eight years and in a slim minority that was able to block any good governance that Congress could have achieved for the last two years, coupled with the illegality of the Bush Administration Policies have done damage that can be categorized as unrepairable.

While the Bush Administration was busy handing out the remainder of America's wealth to a select few corporations that control the flow of money in the Nation, the American People saw the value of their personal assets cut in half, the future of their financial retirements stripped away and the pillaging of their children's future melted into a collage of debt that the Nation will never be able to repay. All the while, the Bush Administration continued to spend the Treasure of America in the occupation of other countries sacrificing the lives of wholesome Americans for nothing. Tens of thousands of American families have been destroyed by the phony wars of the Republican Bush Administration and now this fool runs around the Country proclaiming that History will see him as the liberator. Yes, history will see him as the liberator, the man who liberated 10's of thousands of people from their earthy life in pursuit of some backwards philosophy.

2008 and the Bush Presidency will go down in the annals of American History as the year and the President that began the second Great American Depression, and saw for only the second time in American History the economic obliteration of the America Dream of peaceful progress, the pursuit of happiness and the equality of life that this Nation was founded upon. If there is a hell, this man will certainly enter it in all his glory for the death and destruction that his foolish beliefs have caused here at home and throughout the world.
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