Sunday, December 21, 2008

30 Days Can't Come Soon Enough

George W. Bush is scheduled to leave office in 30 Days, for the American People this will be the longest 30 days in history. The end of the Republican George W. Bush Administration can't come soon enough for the well being of our nation. The two featured terrorist in the nightmare that has been the George W. Bush Administration, Bush and Cheney are now trying to rewrite the history of the Administration before they leave office.

Yesterday on the rewrite History Tour, the Bush segment of the Tour claimed that "No Child Left Behind was really a civil rights initiative. Wow, these people are really counting on the American remaining suckers to their lies. The No Child Left Behind Act was an unfunded bill that turned education into a test preparation agenda and eliminated cultural education and critical thinking. By no means was the No Child Left Behind Act anything but another facet of the long list of Bush double speak. There is probably not a real teacher on earth that has anything good to say about the unfunded mandates of the Act. In fact the real name should have been, "Leave Every Child Behind", because it hindered any form of Education that involves free thinking.

Bush's other amazing comment was that he was trying to reform Social Security so that Blacks would find a more inclusive system. I don't even know how to comment on this statement because I can't even fathom what this is suppose to mean. The dismantling of Social Security by the Republican Congress and the Republican Bush Administration had one goal, to get the massive amount of Social Security money into the commission stream of the Financial Industry. With the sudden collapse of the American Economic System caused by the Republican Policies of George and Company it is a good thing that Social Security was not changed in any way by this failed Administration or there would be nothing left to the Social Security System as we know it. This should be a clear lesson to Americans that any political wanting to privatize Social Security should be discarded immediately. The Republican Lies about Social Security must never be believed. Social Security is one of the best run Social Safety nets in the entire world. The only fixing that Social Security needs is to remove the income cap and make all income subject to Social Security tax, this will solidify the system and lower the rates of contributions for everyone. If all income were subject to Social Security Tax the rate could be lowered to around 4% instead of the current 7 + percent. But the Republicans will never support any proposal that includes lifting the income cap because they do not believe that everyone should contribute equally.

The Cheney Leg of the rewrite History Tour is so far out there that it is like a different reality, his claims are that the "war on terrorism" was and continues to be a success, that Donald Rumsfeld did a commendable job, that the Vice President's office has obtained powers not prescribed in the Constitution because they were notable to accommodate to his agenda and that Joe Biden does not understand the Constitution. Dick Cheney has spent his whole career since his days in the Nixon White House trying to create an Imperial President beyond the reach of Congressional Oversight. The Democrats allowed them to accomplish this agenda because of the failure to stand up for the American People and oppose this Republican Bush Administration from the results in Florida right on through today, but they did stand up and vote themselves a raise.

The objectivity of History shall judge this Administration long after we are all dead if this Nation survives the damage that this Administration has done to this Nation. Those of us that have lived through this devastating Administration need only remember the lies and deception to make our conclusion on the failures of this Administration and the damage that was done to our Nation.
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