Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Bush Fantasy Tour

George W. Bush is still trying to reconstruct the Historical Importance of his Presidency. Now he is claiming that he gave America the tools to "fight terrorism". The tools that he suggests that he is leaving are all questionable in the yes of the foundation of the principles of the United States. He cites, "Gitmo", an illegal holding facility holding foreign prisoners without charges and without the right to defend themselves against accusations that are mostly false, and totally against the premise of United States Law. The delusional President also sites the loosening of wiretapping restrictions, no knock warrants and domestic spying by Federal Agencies that are charged with gathering foreign intelligence, all illegal under our Constitution. The President also thinks that condoning torture is a good weapon against terrorism even though most experts in the field of interrogation concur that torture often leads to mis-information.

The right wing media likes to say Bush should be given credit because America has not been attacked since 9/11. they forget to mention that it was Bush who was the President during 9/11 and if he wants to receive credit for the lack of attacks since then, he should also receive the blame for the attack of 9/11. During August of 2001 "Mr. Gee Wiz I'm the President" was too busy playing golf to read the Presidential Daily Briefings that mention the intelligence gathered by foreign intelligence services that they believed there would be an attack on America using hijacked planes as missiles against U.S. Buildings.

In the last weeks of this Failed Administration the Failed Republican President is trying to re-write History, this from the man who early on in his Presidency said that he doesn't care what history thinks of him because he'll be dead anyway. Now, however, he is all to cognisant of the fact that History will record the Presidency of George W. Bush as the worst Presidential Administration of the United States to date.
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