Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bush Shoed in Iraq

As President Bush was giving his farewell press conference to Iraq, an Iraqi journalist removed his shoes and hurled them at Bush. President Bush was missed by the shoes as he ducked the first one and the second was was thrown off target. We have learned from the press coverage that in Arab society this the soles of shoes are an insult.

If this were an American tradition there would be a lot of shoeless people whenever George came to visit. Most American are disgusted by what has transpired during the last eight years under the Republican Administration of George W. Bush. Two invasions and Occupations of Sovereign nations supported by Trillions of Dollars in no bid private contracts without any semblance of accountability. Over five thousand American Military Personnel killed, tens of thousands maimed and injured, an Economy on the verge of the largest Economic Depression that the United States of America has ever experienced, disdain for America throughout the world because of the policies pursued by this Administration. An American City left to wallow in flood waters and her People herded into stadiums like cattle because this Administration put someone in charge of FEMA as a political favor without any regard to his ability to run this vital U.S. Agency.

The lists of laws and rights that were violated by this Administration is dwarfed only by the inability of this Administration to tell the truth about anything. The insistence that trickle down economics was a viable economic theory that should be supplemented with tax cuts for the wealthy is a fallacy that was preached by day one. The current Economic Situation should make it clear that the Republican Philosophy of deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy and foreign imperialistic incursions are policies that do not now and never will benefit the United States. The fallacy of these theories are evident by the number of underemployed, unemployed, under insured and uninsured Citizens that the Republican Policies of the last eight years have created.

The Republican Policies enacted and exposed by this Republican Administration of George W. Bush are a case study of how not to grow an economy and how not to govern a democratic republic. A few million thrown shoes should be the least of the humiliation that this Republican Administration should receive, and hopefully although doubtfully, the Democrats that are soon taking over the Congress will see the need to put this entire Administration before Congressional Committee after Congressional Committee and find out exactly what has gone on during the last eight years and how it is that this Administration so badly mismanaged our Government and forced it into Bankruptcy.

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