Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congress Gives Themselves a Raise

When the Auto Executives appeared before Congress much ado was made about the Executives Salaries. Not that I condone the excessive salaries of corporate executives whose companies are failing and are seeking Federal Economic assistance while continuing to pay themselves excessive salaries, but I do find it strange that the U.S. Economic System is failing and Congress has seen fit to not only maintain their salary but have even voted themselves a raise. Being that this Congress has done absolutely nothing in the last two years they should return their salaries to the Treasury, never min d voting themselves a raise.

The utter gall of these people to vote themselves a raise while the American People are suffering from the worst economic times since the Great Depression. U.S. Treasury Bills are yielding a negative APR, yet the Congress thinks it is entitled to a raise. Most Americans have lost 4,000 - 7.000 dollars per year in real income because this Congress failed to stand up and act against the policies of this Administration which have cast our Nation into Economic Turmoil. The 30 Year Treasury Bond is yielding less than 3%, using historical models that would mean that the Treasury Bond Market is predicting negative growth for 30 years, does Congress think it deserves a raise while the National income average experiences negative growth for 30 years.

This vote by Congress to raise their salary with two occupations of foreign Nations which they failed to stop continues is a slap in the face to the American Public. That Congress voted itself a raise while they have failed to address the usury of the credit card industry is indicative of what these congressional people think of the American Public. While most Americans are doing with less this Congress has voted to take more. Every American should be outraged that this "do nothing" Congress has finally decided to do something, and it is to give themselves a raise. This is utterly offensive and distinguishing, every American should call, write an email each and every one who voted yes and demand that Congress hold a vote to cancel the pay raise and cut all Federal Salaries by the same average rate at which the income of the American People is falling. At this point, Congress should be voting for a 10% decrease in their salary and trimming of all congressional office expenses by the same 10%. They have demanded that the Auto Executives forgo compensation while allowing the banking Executives to not only continue their exorbitant salaries but to pay themselves bonuses. The batch of bills sent to Congress by the incoming Obama Administration should contain a clear and concise bill that would reduce Congressional salaries and Office expenses by 10% and limit any future increase to the base yearly inflation rate of the GDP.

The outrage of this vote should be spit from the mouth, pen and keyboard of every American. This Congressional Leadership must be changed if only based on the audacity of letting the vote to raise Congressional Salaries even come before the Congress for consideration, let alone passing it. Contact your Representative and Senator in opposition to this raise in Congressional Salaries. This vote amounts to Marie Antoinette upon being told that the People have no bread saying, "Let Them eat cake".
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