Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazy George

I keep thinking about the story that came out on Saturday citing an interview with his sister in which George W. Bush says that he hopes History sees him as a liberator and a man of peace. It just keeps rolling around in my head, can it be that George is an outright schizophrenic? How could he possibly have such a distorted view of his term as President which was seized twice by false campaigns and legal out maneuvering

From the beginning, George W. Bush inherited an economy that was even keel after a prolonged period of growth and a National Surplus with a balanced budget. In his first year adhering to the Republican Economic Platform that he ran on he began to fulfill his misguided D student view of the Economy and push for tax cuts for the wealthy while opposing an increase in the minimum wage. After his tax policy folly George decided that he needed a vacation, so he promptly commenced to being on a semi-permanent vacation and occasionally wondered what was going on at the White House. It was on the golf course in August of 2001 that he received a Presidential briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack within the US". Worried more about the 16th hole than this Presidential briefing he failed to notice that the inner pages of the briefing described how terrorist were planning to hijack airliners and use them as missiles to attack American buildings.

In less than a month, the United States was attacked by terrorist using airliners as missiles to attack American buildings, does George think that was just a coincidence that the briefing he received in August was remarkably similar to the the events of 9/11. The objective voice of History will see these events as either a failure George W. Bush or the emergence of a new personality in which George W. sees himself as the Great Liberator of the World.

As the months went by George began to develop a personality that thirsted for war, any war, he just wanted to be seen as a War Time President, because a War Time President should not receive any dissension or opposing views from the people or the press. As a War Time President George's personality number two took on a decidedly nasty, tough talking tone aimed at host of countries that he termed the axis of evil. George Personality number 2 was creating his own History in his mind that it was him against the world when he could not muster the far reaching coalition that his Father was able to achieve during the first invasion of Iraq. Personality # 2 was now beginning to have a Father complex and was determined to one up man ship his Father by having a bigger invasion with a direct occupation because he was the Liberator and was going to liberate the People of Iraq even if it meant lying to the American People and the world about the relationship between 9/11, the terrorist and Saddam Hussein. So it continued with his fantasy of being viewed as the Liberator George in his alter ego began his imperial quest towards history.
Sorry George, but the only liberation that History will recognize for your Presidency is the Liberation from your Administration in 2009 after eight long years of a National Nightmare that was your Presidency.

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