Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fed Now Sees Recession

The Federal Reserve has finally announced that the Nation is in a recession. It seems a little late being that in their announcement they said we are most likely in the 14th month of the recession. It is all to convenient that this information was withheld from the America Public during the recent election cycle. If it had been made public, maybe less of the corrupt Republicans would have been re-elected to the Congress and the phony John McCain would not have even been a close second. Irregardless of the games they played, the Republicans still lost the election because the American Public can feel the suffering caused and knew that we were in recession, they did not need the Fed to finally come clean.

The worst news however is that they are still lying, we are not in an economic recession we are in an economic depression. Contrary to John McCain's financial adviser during the campaign, Phil Gram, it is not in the minds of the American People, it is all too real. Phil Gram is one of the architects of this crash with his economic policies as a Senator that believe in deregulation the voodoo economics pf trickle down. Hopefully this economic depression will trickle up and the likes of Phil Gram and John McCain can suffer along with the rest of us by the policies that they and the Republicans have fostered upon us.
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