Saturday, December 6, 2008

George says "I'm Sorry" about the Economy

In a recent interview with ABC, George W. Bush said he was sorry about the Economy. Sorry will hardly fix the economic catastrophe that the Republican George W. Bush Administration and the Republican Congress have caused. Every day the economic news is worse. Thank you George W. Bush and the Republican Party for destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. The Republican Bush Administration set the tone from the minute that they seized Presidency for a culture of corruption and plunder. They have looted the Treasury, destroyed the foundations of our Nation and have cause economic chaos around the world.

The Republican Bush Administration set about to dismantle the laws and regulations that were put in place during the Great Depression to regulate the Banking, Insurance and Securities Industries, whatever laws and regulations that they failed to over turn they ignored. This Administration filled vital regulatory agencies with lobbyists and political contributors that had no experience in the position that they were rewarded with. The PRIME example of this is "Heck of a Job Brownie" who was placed in the position as the head of FEMA without any previous job on his resume that would relate to the job in any way. The result, the response to Katrina.

The stated goal of the Bush Administration was to cut taxes for the wealthy at all costs and to bankrupt the Nation so that the Federal Government would not have the resources to respond to any social needs. Well, they have accomplished their goals. The Nation is now in the mist of the GREATEST DEPRESSION ever. It will take at least a generation to repair the damage that was done by the fallacy of the Republican theory of economics. As they continue to cater to the wealthy by bailing out selected companies, the majority of the American Population will now suffer through the an economic depression that will see their assets reduced to nothing while the wealthy continue to enjoy the tax cuts given to them by the Republicans. It is very disappointing to see that the Obama Administration has stated that they will postpone the tax increases on the wealthy because they have been convinced that raising taxes on the wealthy will worsen the recession/depression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Taxes should be raised immediately on the wealthy to recoup at least a portion of the economic rewards that they received from the Bush Administration at the expense of the American Economy.

This Republican Bush Administration took the Presidency with a record surplus and leaves it in the worst economic circumstances in history because of the policies of corruption and plunder that they practiced for the last eight years. From the tax cuts for the upper 1% to the no bid contracts in Iraq to the appointment of cronies to Government agencies, this Administration has used the American Treasury in the same way that Neil Bush used Silverdo Bank in the 1980's, as a personal bank account to reward themselves and their supporters. President-Elect Obama seems reluctant to place the blame and call for inquiries into the culture of corruption perpetrated by the Republicans over the last eight years because he wants to have a positive administration. Although this is laudable on one level on another level it is the worst thing that he could do. The excesses, corruption and out right disregard for the foundations of this Nation by the Republican Administration and Congress should be brought into the white hot spot light so that the American People who have been fooled by their phony Christianity will never fall for their election campaigning again. This Nation can NEVER afford another Republican Administration, at least not in the lifetime of anyone alive today.

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