Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Sales Dismal

Preliminary Holiday Sales numbers are show in 5-8% down from a year ago, however, preliminary numbers are usually off so expect the number to be more like 12 -20% down depending on how much fudging there is in the release of sales. Whatever the gross sales are the profit margin will be extremely thin because most sales were achieved with large markdowns throughout the Holiday shopping season. Profit margins are the true mark of the shape of the economy and they will be dismal.

The U.S. still has to wait over three weeks for the nightmare of the Republican Economic policies to be over. Each and every day that goes by will do weeks worth of damage to the already fragile economy and will add to the work the the incoming Democratic Administration will have to do to try to correct the fallacies of the backwards economic policies of the Republican Bush Administration which have brought our Nation to the verge of Bankruptcy.

During the Christmas week the unemployment numbers that were released were a disaster and by the time this Administration exists on January 20, 2009 another 1 - 2 million people will be joining the ranks of the unemployed. The job left to Barack Obama will be daunting and no doubt the right wing media spin machine will be in full gear calling every corrective policy a failure because no matter what is done at this point will not be enough. It will take years to even begin to dig this Nation out of the second Great Depression caused by the failures of the Republican Failed Policies.
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