Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Iraq Oil Minister Says Thanks

The Iraqi Oil Minister has said Thank You to the United States in a most unusual way, at a recent OPEC meeting, Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussein al-Shahristani, said that $80 Oil is a reasonable price and that he would support OPEC efforts to cut production and and raise the price of oil. Remember when The Republican Bush Administration and their surrogates were all over the air waves telling us that the Iraq Invasion and occupation would not cost the US anything because Iraq would be able to repay any cost with their oil revenues? Well a couple of Trillion Dollars of American Expenses later we have not seen any attempt to repay the debt that America has incurred in the Iraqi invasion and occupation. While Iraq sits with cost to a $100 Million surplus in their budget and Americans struggle to stay out of poverty, the Iraqi Oil Minister feels that US Citizens should pay more for Iraqi Oil. It sure is a strange way to say "Thank You"
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