Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kennedy Not Ready for Prime Time

After watching the Caroline Kennedy interviews it is abundantly clear that Ms. Kennedy is not ready for the spotlight of New York Senator. I come to this conclusion reluctantly because as anyone in Caroline's age group she has been a part of our history. What person her age was not bonded to John Jr., and Caroline when they were the first children. It would be a reinvention of the magical time that was the Kennedy Administration if she displayed any of her Father's political acumen or any of her Mother's poise and sophistication, regretfully she displays neither. Ms. Kennedy's interviews show a child of privilege who fails to speak a complete sentence without interjecting "you know".

To have Ms. Kennedy fill the prestigious Senate Seat once held by her Uncle, Robert F. Kennedy, would have been almost like a Political Poem of continuance, but sadly, Ms. Kennedy has not displayed any of the Kennedy charisma of her late father and uncle and appears ill prepared to venture into the Senate to represent one of the most populous states in this time of National Crisis. It is true that the Senate will not be the same without a Kennedy after Ted leaves us, but tradition is not a qualifier for the United States Senate.

Ms. Kennedy is no more prepared to represent the State of New York than Sarah Palin was prepared to be a heart beat away from leader of the free world. If Ms. Kennedy is serious about her commitment to becoming a Senator than she should announce her intention to run for the seat in 2010 and face the scrutiny of a campaign putting together an organization that rivals that of her Father and Uncle with the Kennedy charisma, leadership and eloquence spotlighted in her election attempt. Clearly if Governor Paterson appoints Ms. Kennedy it will not be because she has displayed any capacity to represent New York, but rather that she offers the Governor and the New York Democratic Party the ability to bring money into the coffers through her fundraising abilities.
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Charisma Expert said...

It's unfortunate that we are actually having a conversation about Caroline Kennedy for senator when neither she nor John Jr. ever expressed or showed a desire for politics. Who wouldn't want to re-live the optimism and grandeur that was "Camelot"? But, sometimes we have to be reasonable and put our emotions aside.

As a student and proponent of the charismatic philosophy, my worst fears are coming to fruition. For the last several years, I've been discussing the potency and power of charisma in my writings and lectures. I feared that the monolithic media would use charisma to spin every human endeavor that required hard work, time and fortitude, into a compelling marketing strategy where style ruled over substance.

Sadly, this day has arrived. Our Pop Culture is making every sound byte last more than its allowed "15 minutes". I have a sneaky suspicion that the same powers-that-be who "backed" an unknown Illinois senator all the way to the White House are also in Caroline's ear.

While Barack and Caroline are obviously bright and intelligent people, we have to get back to the basics of "paying our dues" less we sink further down into abyss of mediocrity. When experience isn't a criteria, all we have are "guesses" to questions that experience would illuminate.

Edward Brown
Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute