Monday, December 29, 2008

Laura Bush Joins the History Rewrite

The Republican Bush Administration has sent out Laura Bush to try to convince the American People that this wasn't the worst Presidential Administration in the History of America. Not missing any talking points Ms. Bush re-iterated a favorite of the Bush Administration that he will be remembered as a liberator because he illegally invaded and occupied two countries, this hardly qualifies as a liberator but yet the Republicans are trying to cling to anything to lift the perception of the Bush Presidency out of the cellar of darkness.

Even Secretary Rice was on the talk circuit yesterday claiming that future generations will thank President Bush for his leadership. In the midst of one of the worst incursions by the Israelis into Palestine, Ms. Rice cited the foundation that the Republican Bush Administration has laid in creating a Palestine State. It seems like an odd time to claim progress when the Israelis have killed more Palestinians than ever before, but that has been the MO of this Republican Administration from Day One. Whatever the truth is, say the opposite.

It is understandable that Ms. Bush does not want to admit that her husband and his cronies have destroyed our Nation, but wouldn't it be better to just say nothing than to try to perpetrate more lies? To try to convince the American People that this Administration has somehow progressed the American dream is a bold face lie. This Administration has caused more suffering and despair that any Administration since Herbert Hoover and the worst is yet to come. The Economic collapse caused by the failed policies of this C student President is only just beginning. In the coming months retailers will close, store fronts will be empty, unemployment will rise, poverty will be a National Nightmare, American Children will be hungry and people will die because of the lack of heat and basic health care. In no way can this Republican Administration led by the worst President in History be construed as anything but a complete and utter failure. The death and destruction caused to the two countries that were illegally invaded are not signs of flourishing. They are burying their dead, rehabilitating their maimed, housing their orphans and living in darkness and despair, if this is liberation they were better off enslaved.
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