Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rod Blagojevich Must Resign

Govenor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois must be forced to resign. The State Democratic Party should do all that it can to immediately get this man out of office, and the National DNC should step in and send a team of lawyers to Illinois and file any motion available to get a court to stop him from appointing the replacement for Senator Obama even it it means risking an election and having a Republican Elected to this seat. This man is a disgrace to the Democratic Party and the State and national Parties must show their disdain for him and join forces to secure his resignation through the courts, it can not be a negotiated resignation for that will appear to have a quid pro quo attached to his resignation.

President Elect Obama is a Constitutional lawyer and he should know the intricacies of Illinois State Law, he must instruct the DNC to find the proper friends of the courts briefs to remove this Democratic disgrace. Not only has Rod Blagojevich tarnished the Illinois Governor's Office, and the Illinois Democratic party but he has tarnished the transition team of President Elect Obama. The last thing that we need is a President taking office under investigation at a time of national Crisis. What the Nation needs and requires is a pre-determined agenda to swiftly deal with the deepening economic depression. Not another four years of uncertainly brought on by an investigation into the President and his staff. The nation can not afford any distractions now. The New Administration must be determined and focused in order to begin to chart a course that will steer the Nation out of the free fall into a prolonged National Depression. Already the National Right Wing Media has grabbed a hold of the Rod Blagojevich story and are trying to drag the advisers and the President Elect into the web of suspicion.
The National DNC must take the lead on this issue and remove all suspicion from the President Elect staff and advisers before the right wing media turns the criminal conduct of Rod Blagojevich into a web that will tie up the progress of the new Administration. This situation must be dealt with head on and in the open, if any of the President Elect Staff or advisers are evenly remotely attached to the conduct of this Governor, they must be removed post haste.
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