Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awaken from the Nightmare

With the Inauguration of President Obama America's eight year nightmare of governance under the George W. Bush Administration is over. The darkness and despair of the last eight years has been lifted just by their departure. Even though the road will be filled with pitfalls trying to repair the damage done to our National Treasury, Foundation, Psychology and People, at least those that created and fostered the damage will be gone. A warning to President Obama, you must use your standing and power to guide the Congress to the right path, for over the last eight years the Congress has lost their way and have taken the road paved by the previous Administration, catering to the Corporation and forgetting about the People.

This new beginning should be the reestablishment of a Government for the People and the fallacious theories that the Government best serves the Corporations must be cast away. The duty of the Federal Government is to provide for the common good, security and protection of the People who are the foundation of the Nation. The philosophy of a top down approach to economic growth has been solidly proven wrong by the policies of the Republicans and the previous Administration as evidenced by the free fall collapse of the economic security of the United States in 2008.

The horizon looks gloomy for the quick economic recovery of the wealth and provision of the American Citizen, but at least there is now in place an Administration that is led by a person who grew up as most Americans have grown up, not by a man of privilege who has never had to answer the consequences of his actions. As George W. Bush flees yet another catastrophe that his decisions have caused, America should brand his image and philosophy of Governance in their minds forever, so that never again will the reins of power be given to such a person.
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