Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Goodbye George Bush Tour Continues

Wow, talk about a long Good-Bye..... George W. Bush began his rewrite history good bye tour almost as soon as Barack Obama won the election, it has been non-stop. Now he wants to address the Nation and has asked the Television Networks for 15 minutes of time on Wednesday Night. It is being billed as a recap of the accomplishments of his Administration. For fifteen minutes??? This is more than presumptuous of Mr. Bush, as Jay Leno said the other night, if he is going to talk about the accomplishments of his Administration with the 15 Minutes of air time that he has requested, what will he do with the other fourteen and a half minutes.

George W. Bush and the Republican Party really think that the American People are morons, he continues to tout the achievements of his Administration, if only he could name one it might have some verisimilitude. But really, what are the accomplishments? The George W. Bush Republican Administration has decimated the American Middle Class with bad economic policies, has catered to the Corporation and allowed them to go unregulated. He has invaded two Sovereign Nations without cause and used lies and innuendo to sell the Military Actions to the American People. This Administration has disregarded International Law and Treaties including but not limited to the Geneva Convention, and the Law of Sovereignty.

By privatizing aspects of the Federal Government and appointing Political Hacks he has insured that these agencies could not function. even bringing political appointees into the Attorney Generals Office to replace career employees. The fiasco of the FEMA response to Katrina is a glaring example of how privatizing Government functions is not a feasible alternative. Luckily he was thwarted in his attempt to Privatize Social Security otherwise there would be nothing left for the American Family to count on in time of need. Just as 401`K's and IRA was halved by the lax financial oversight of this Administration so too would Social Security have been if the Republicans and George W. Bush had had their way.

Hopefully this will be the last time that the American People will have to see this curse upon our Nation until he stands trail for the corruption, and incompetence of the last eight years.
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