Monday, January 12, 2009

The Last Bush Press Conference

In Today's last George W. Bush scheduled Press Conference as President, Mr. Bush again showed signs that he lives in an alternate reality. Although this time he did admit that mistakes have been made throughout his Administration he in no way took responsibility for the blunders. He is still claiming that the Federal Response to Katrina was a viable response to illustrate that Bush said that over 30,000 people were rescued from rooftops. Nothing was mentioned about the people herded into the Super Dome for weeks.

In any event we all know the truth about the Bush Presidency and the Iraqi Invasion, the Afghanistan Invasion and Katrina, no matter how Bush and his minions want to try to spin it now. The eight years of the George W. Bush Administration did not progress the American Dream in any way, shape or form. the Republican George W. Bush Administration and the Congress that was complicit during his years in office not only stifled the progress of the American Dream but they set it back almost a Century. The gains made in almost every aspect of American Life since the Great Depression have been reversed under the policies of the Republican George W. Bush Administration and the complicit Congress.

The best day of the George W. Bush Administration will be January 20, 2009 after he has departed from the Presidency. If this Congress had any fortitude and concern for America he will be a frequent guest of Congress as he testifies UNDER OATH before numerous Congressional Committees that should be investigating every aspect of the last eight years.
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