Friday, January 2, 2009

The Middle East and US

The latest surge in violence in the Middle East should remind every American that it is in the best interest of our Nation to cure ourselves of the addition to Middle east Oil and for that matter all fossil fuels. If the Middle East is ever a stable region it will probably not be during the lifetime of anyone who is alive today. Every time of instability in this region whether it be between Israel and the Palestinians or between Arab Nations affects the stability of the United States as long as we continue have an addition to fossil fuels.

The sooner we can withdraw from Fossil Fuels the more stable our economic future will become, and the sooner we can stop worrying about the instability in the Middle East the better footing we will have in International diplomacy. As long as oil is always our concern in Middle East decisions the less likely the United States is to propose a viable humanitarian peace solution for this region. Of course the last 40 years have shown us that the prejudice and hatred that is fostered in the Middle East will most likely never end, the sooner we can stop considering the consequences of oil supply in any proposal that we make, the sooner a viable proposal might find its way to a peace table someday.

The United States is in no position to put ourselves directly involved in the turmoil that never seems to end in the Middle East and the Republicans and the Bush Administration have done their best to render the United Nations and the World Courts impediment in dealing with any international crisis. The new Administration must make it a priority of their International Policy to reinvent the United Nations and have every country participate fully to try to solve the problems of the Middle East. The United States can no longer be the sole arbiter of International Crisis, we must act in concert with all civilized, industrialized Nations to lay the ground work for all Nations to realize that peaceful co-existence is in the best interest of all Nations on Earth.

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