Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Caves to Republicans

In an effort to win Republican votes in the house on the highly touted Stimulus Bill, President Obama adjusted provisions of the Bill to cater to the failed, bankrupt ideas of the selfish Republican Party. President Obama even instilled more useless, wrong, tax cuts into the Bill to try to win bipartisan support for the Stimulus Bill. Well, not one Republican supported the Stimulus Bill, they ALL voted NO.

Hopefully, President Obama learned a valuable lesson from this experience. He has tried since day one, through both words and actions to get both parties to work in concert to work on the current economic crisis, but to no avail. It is a nice gesture, however, the Republican party does not care about the American People. Their only concern is that their millionaire banker friends and financial institution friends are able to continue to pay the exurbanite salaries and bonuses to their employees which include many family member s of the Republican Hierarchy.

Now that President Obama sees in black and white that the Republicans support the continuation of the failed policies begun under Reagan by the Republicans, he will amend his conciliatory ways to politeness and decorum, and never bend needed legislation to win non-existent Republican support. The President should now propose a Bill, and Reid and Pelosi should push it through Congress post-haste, that reinstates the changes that were made to the original Stimulus Bill in order to win Republican support. The Stimulus Bill as it stands now is too weighted in Tax Cuts that will do nothing towards putting people back to work.

The Republican Philosophy that tax cuts for the wealthy leads to a better economic life for all is a flawed philosophy and has proven to be a failed policy by its implementation during the Bush Years. In order to re-vitalize a consumer and service orientated economy, you have to empower consumers and service seekers with spendable income. A Tax Cut for the wealthy drives the money to paper investments that does not create consumption, therefore it does not create jobs. The Republican carrion cry is that the factory owners who receive the tax cuts will create nore jobs when they receive a tax cut, that is wrong. The factory owners will create more jobs when their factories can not meet demand caused by more consumption, a tax cut for the wealthy will not create more consumption. The tax rate for the wealthy should have been raised in this Stimulus Bill so that we may begin paying for it. Any Citizen of the United States who is able to provide for their needs and their family's needs and still have massive amounts of money left for trivialities should be more than willing to pay 38% of all income over $300,000 in taxes to support the Nation that enabled them to attain their financial status. All those making under $300,000 should receive the largest tax break, this will free up spendable income that will get spent on goods and services.

President Obama must stick to the principles that he knows are right and not acquiesce to the failed philosophy and policies of the idea dead Republican Party, they still think that we should drill and continue running the energy of the Nation on fossil fuels, that is a Dead Idea whose time has come and gone. Build for the Future, President Obama, if they want to continue to live in the past leave them there, they will either fade away or wake up.
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