Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama Missing the Stimulus

Although President Elect Obama realizing that the Economy is is much worse shape than was advertised and that the proposed stimulus package must be increased, the target of the proposed stimulus will miss the mark. While the President Elects proposals will aid the economy in the long run it does not address the immediate needs of the majority of the population. Tax cuts are great, but without a job there is not much tax savings.

A massive alternative energy project must be undertaken to get all State Owned buildings off of fossil fuels. A ten year fully funded mandate should be given to the States, this will provide the immediate relief money that they are seeking to create jobs and will accomplish a long term dividend to the Nation and the Nation's public expenses. Within the mandate it must be clear that no funded project can buy any manufactured product not produced and assembled 100% in the United States by American owned companies. The vision of alternative renewable energy as expressed by the Obama Team during the campaign must come to the forefront in any jobs stimulus package.

Each State owned building weened from the addiction to fossil fuel becomes a building block in the transformation of the economy from a fossil fuel asset burning economy to a clean, renewable asset creating economy, with the benefit of less childhood asthma and other lung related diseases from fossil fuel discharges. There is not a project in this Country that would transform so many aspects of the American Society and Economy than a massive project to transform this Nation to a new energy within tens years. An Energy Independent America will <>create long term jobs at home that can not be exported in the manufacturing, installation, maintaining and servicing the alternate energy systems that will become the Nation's new energy sources. The air will be cleaner year after year, the water, earth and fauna will cleanse itself of fossil fuel waste each year that fossil fuel burning is decreased. Global warming and the greenhouse effect will be less. As American Technology and Ingenuity progresses the industry, it can become a viable exportable commodity creating more manufacturing jobs.

Just because the price of oil is easing is not a reason to forget the urgency of transforming the Nation's energy sourcing. The price of oil will rise again and cripple our economy again if consumption and importation of fossil fuels is not drastically cut within a very short time.
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