Monday, January 19, 2009

On The Verge of A New Day

As the size and vigor of the Washington, D.C. crowds that have already arrived to view the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, a thirst for a new direction is evident. No one envy the job that Mr. Obama has been thrust into and his public comments rightly are trying to play down an immediate change in the fundamental crisis of the American Economy with which is is left to fix. However, just the new face of a responsive American Government is enough to spur hope among the People that President Obama will be able to right the ship of our Nation which was steered way off course by the outgoing Administration.

The Obama approval rating are the highest for a President and he hasn't even taken office yet. The Obama Team has been branding the change as a change that every American must be responsible to help implement. Expect President Obama to echo the famous words of JFK upon his Inauguration and remind People that they have a responsibility to the Nation. A responsibility as Citizens to hold their government and government programs and expenditures to a standard that will foster American Progress. A Progress that will again allow the vast wealth of this Nation to be enjoyed by all the Citizens of the Nation.

As Mr. Obama has been exposing an end to political pettiness he has taken public concrete steps to show that he does what he says. Last week Mr. Obama met with some of his harshest critics during the campaign for a cordial dinner. It is another example of how the flavor of the incoming Administration will change the bitter taste left in the mouths of Americans by the out going Administration.

Mr. Obama must hold the Congress fully accountable and forcefully encourage them to world for the benefit of the American and deny access to the Corporate Lobbyists that have been dictating the American Agenda for all too long. Although this is a new Congress many of the members remain the same as the last three Congresses, Congresses that failed to work for the good of the American People in the last eight years, who have failed to block the disastrous policies perpetrated by the outgoing Administration.

Mr. Obama will have his hands full with the International Follies of the last eight years, the Economic turmoil of the Last eight Years, but he must not forget the failures of the Congress from which he rose out of to become the leader of the Free World.
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