Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pelosi REALLY?

Is speaker Pelosi really worthy of re=election to the Speaker of the House? Her record says NO, a resounding NO. Speaker Pelosi has been the Speaker of the House of the most hated, do nothing Congress in History, there is no way she should be given another chance at this most prestigious position. In this time of National crisis and with the Economy in the grips of a second Great Depression the Congress needs a Speaker of the House that can lead the membership to do the right things for the American People.

What did the last House of Representatives accomplish under Pelosi, NOTHING. Ms. Pelosi blocked any challenge that Members wanted to pursue against the corrupt, illegal, Republican Bush Administration. When the Democrats won the Majority two years ago there were Members who were ready, willing and able to begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney but they were stymied by Ms. Speaker Pelosi. This was an egregious mistake which should not be rewarded with a second term as Speaker.

The only Legislation that Ms. Pelosi managed to shepard through the House was a Bill that gave Congress a raise in Salary. How despicable, while Americans are suffering through the worst economic times since the end of the Great Depression, Ms. Pelosi thinks it is appropriate for the Members of Congress to receive a raise. That vote alone is reason to strip Ms. Pelosi of her leadership position.

The Obama Campaign has a slogan of "Change We Can Believe In", leaving Ms. Pelosi in the position of Speaker of the House is not change at all, she lacks the guts, determination and legislative acumen to accomplish what needs to be accomplished swiftly if this downward spiral into the economic abyss is to be halted. If there are no results from Ms. Pelosi's leadership withing thirty days of the new Congress convening, the Democratic Caucus should rise up for the people and remove her from the leadership position at the same time they vote to rescind their recently voted upon pay raise.
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