Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Approach the End

The end of the long National Nightmare, the Republican Administration of George Walker Bush is almost over, the damage of this Administration will linger much more than the eight years that it occupied the White House. The immensity of the damage done by the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Administration will fill volumes, some of the highlights are worth remembering.

Failing to sign onto Global Warming Treaties -9/11/01 - The Iraq Invasion supported by the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Mission Accomplished, Haliburton Contracts, Corporate Para-Military No Bid Contracts, Billions of Dollars in CASH distributed by the Iraq Provisional Authority under Paul Bremmer, Secret Energy Meetings by Dick Cheney, yellow cake lies in the State of the Union, the outing of a CIA operative, illegal wiretaps, condoning torture, GITMO, Iraq Prison Scandal, being wired during the Presidential Debate, Katrina, FEMA, That a Boy Brownie, The Super Dome, The Astro Dome, Thousands of dead Iraqis, the invasion of Afghanistan, Gannon at Press Conferences, recess appointment of John Bolton, the Credit Default Swap Scandals, The collapse of the Credit Markets, banking failures, stock market slide, record oil prices, ENRON, No Child Left Behind, Clean skies Act, Clean water Bill, Deregulation of Insurance Products, and on and on...........and on and on........without a doubt the WORST PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA.
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