Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will They Take it All?

In the waning days of the Republican Bush Administration they are still trying to distribute the remaining 350 Billion Dollars from the TARP program that Congress in one of their rare moments of wisdom kept locked away from the Bushites when they enacted the TARP legislation. Although in December the Treasury Secretary and The Bush Administration made remarks that the "new" President and Administration should determine how to distribute the remaining 350 Billion Dollars in the TARP program they are now reversing their course and trying to get Congress to release the money to Paulson to distribute before the Bush Administration says ta ta.

I guess ravaging the Treasury since 2001, and creating the largest deflict in American History so that the millionaires in the financial industry could still receive their year end bonuses even though they created financial instruments with no underlying asset value that has taken our Nation broke, invading two Sovereign Nations wasting billions of America's Treasure and thousands of gallons of American Blood was not enough for the George W. Bush and Richard Cheney Republican Administration, so before they leave they would just like to distribute one last bit of America's wealth to their friends to insure that their friends will be inviting them to their summer homes and cocktail parties.

Hopefully Pelosi and Company will remember that the evidence presented for the resolution to invade Iraq was a lie and the information presented to pass the TARP was a lie, and the Congress will refuse to go along with this outgoing Republican Bush Administration request, if not then Pelosi and Company should be not only impeached but sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Mental Examinations. Will they let the lying scoundrels from the Bush Administration pull off one last lie, or will the Democrats finally stand for something and block this request and initiate investigations into exactly where the first $350 Billion went to.
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