Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$900 Million to Palestine is Absurd

Talk is now floating around that the United States is prepared to send Palestine $900 Million in aid through the UN. In this time of financial crisis in the United States all US funding should go towards helping AMERICANS. No matter what you believe about the Palestine Political Situation, The United States is not in the economic position to continue dispersing aid around the world until all American Citizens have the security of economic solvency.

The Obama Administration had to water down the stimulus bill in order to get it through the Congress, so we ended up with a stimulus bill that is about a third of what is really needed to revitalize the American Economy that was destroyed by the deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations under the Bush Administration. If the American People can not count on the Government to do the right thing for our own Citizens, why should the American People continue to send economic aid to other regions of the world.

The $900 Million that is being talked about to rebuild Palestine after the Israeli Invasion is targeted to "rebuild" Palestine after the $2 Billion dollars of infrastructure damage done by the Israel War Machine. The United States should have demanded that Israel withdraw as soon as they stepped foot in Palestine, but the Bush Administration was content to let Israel be Israel. After all after the Bush Doctrine of preemption, the Bush Administration was not in a position to tell another country that they could not preemptively invade. However, the Obama Administration is in the position to force Israel to offer the Aid to rebuild Palestine, they did the damage, they should pay, just as in Iraq the United States has poured Trillions of Dollars into reconstructing the damage caused by American Bombs.

The Priority of the United States Government should be to rebuild America not other Countries. The Obama Administration can not allow this aid to be spent until the American Family is on firm economic footing. There are still American Cities destroyed by Katrina that need rebuilding should $900 Million be dedicated to rebuilding American Cities before we rebuild cities around the world.

America has throughout History been a generous Nation that has never failed to aid the rest of the World. In these verge of Depression times, America must be restored first. When the American Families and workers are made whole and the Economy begins to prosper the natural generosity of the American People will naturally flow throughout the world. Americans have always shared the wealth of this Nation with the rest of the world, but it is not feasible to share a wealth that just does not exist.

The Federal Government has underfunded the Economic Recovery and the future infrastructure projects which are necessary to change America from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable energy economy by about $2 Trillion Dollars. Now is not the time to distribute aid to the rest of the world. The US should lead a UN call to have Israel fund the reconstruction of the destruction that they caused.
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