Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Families Continue into Poverty

As Congress dickered for weeks the American Family slipped deeper into poverty with no end in sight. Unemployment continues to escalate and those with jobs are losing work hours and income. Now the talk is of lower wages. The average American worker was not even earning a livable wage before this downturn caused by the failed policies that the Republicans have been pushing since Ronald Reagan. Even George H.W. Bush saw the danger in the Regan Economic Agenda when he called it "voodoo economics". Now that the trance is over the Nation continues to suffer though the fallacy of economic policies that the Republicans called "trickle down economics and "supply side economics. No matter what name it is given the truth is that is is "failed economics".

The so called Regan Revolution started the erosion of the wealth of the American Family and it was only stemmed by the eight years of the Bill Clinton Administration. After eight years of Bush capitalizing on the patriotism caused by 9/11 and ramming through the Congress laws that deregulated, privatized and stripped away the watch dog agencies of the Federal Government, the Nation is left with the worst economic catastrophe of a century. Not only did the failed policies of the Republicans affect the US, it also affected the entire world's economy. The Bush Administration let unregulated financial instruments to be given birth by the financial companies in America which in turn were sold throughout the world without any underlying assets. these unregulated instruments are not the only cause of the current crisis but they are a major contributing factor to it all.

Now that the Nation has a New Administration with progressive goals they are being blocked from implementing ideas and policies that are aimed at the future economic growth of the American Family by Republican Senators who prefer to cling to the failed policies of Reagan, Bush and Bush.

Especially irritating are the comments from Senator McCain who claims that the Obama Stimulus Bill is "generational thievery". There were no such remarks from Mr. McCain when he supported the invasion and occupation of Sovereign Countries using debt to pay the bills associated with these invasions instead of raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations. At a time of increasing deficit Senator McCain supported policies to cut the taxes of the wealthiest Americans. If anyone believes that Senator McCain has any concern about the American Family, one only needs to look at the choice for Vice President that he made when he won the Republican nomination. Anyone who would feel comfortable with Sarah Palin in charge of the world during this time of economic uncertainty. Senator McCain and the other Republican Senators are still of the belief that the rich need to be tended to and the poor should fend for themselves. An appropriate response from the People is to remove these Senators from office.
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