Monday, February 23, 2009

As Oil Falls

As world demand falls for oil due to a slow down in economic activity the call for a new Energy Economy for the United States should not be placed on the back burner. The benefits of shifting the Nation's Economy from a Fossil Fuel Based Economy to an Alternative Renewable Sustainable Energy Economy has not lost its immediacy. Even if oil falls below $20 a barrel, the Nation's Future needs are the proper considerations.

President Obama and his Economic Planning Team need to remember that this economic depression was fueled by a lack of planning for the future. No matter how the cost of changing the National Energy Infrastructure it must be addressed now, not when oil again approaches $90 a Barrel. The goal of a new energy policy and economy should be a nation that uses 90% less fossil fuels than we used at the peak burning year of 2005. Every gallon of gas and oil that is no longer burned in the United States will become a building block for the future foundation of a new Energy Economy.

The largest block of money in the Stimulus Bill was assigned to tax cuts when in fact it should have been assigned to the research, development and implementation of Alternative Renewable Sustainable Energy Systems that will preserve the assets of the Nation while cleaning the air and water and lowering health costs caused by polluted air and water.

The priorities of the Obama Administration must not be knocked off course by public opinion that is shifted by the Republican Senators lies and the lies of media outlets like Fox News. In order for the Nation to grow out of the current economic crisis the future must be addressed along with the present, and the future demands an economy that does not burn assets but rather one that is able to renew energy assets.
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