Thursday, February 12, 2009

Democratic Leadership

The Democratic Leadership in the Senate and in the House is sadly lacking. Now that the watered down Stimulus has passed and maybe some money will start flowing it is time that the Democratic Leadership start leading and presenting an agenda of bills that will complement and restore the changes that were made to pacify Republicans who did not vote for the bill anyway even after the revisions that they wanted were included.

If the Republican Senators want to filibuster the future economic growth of the Nation and throw it into a Depression, then the Democratic Leadership should insure that they really do stand up and filibuster and insure that all of it is televised so that the American People can see in living color the nonsense that these Republican Senators are intent on perpetrating on the U.S. and her citizens.

Let them stand and explain the failed policies that they support and explain how we got here from the eight years of the Republican Bush Administration. The policies that they now want the Nation to double down on are the policies that led us to where we are. Should we continue on the same path or should we demand the change that the Democrats promised. As a People, it is time to demand that the Federal Government serve the People that it represents and if they continue to fail, it is time for the People to remove them from office no matter which party they claim to be from, for they have all failed us as a whole.
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