Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do Not Cast the Future Aside

Now that fossil fuel prices are at the low end of the spectrum it seems that the urgency of renewable, alternative fuels has been cast aside. This is exactly the wrong time to cast aside the plans to convert our asset burning economy into a renewable asset economy by changing the economy from a fossil fuel based economy into a renewable, sustainable, alternative energy economy.

The massive amounts of jobs that will be created immediately will benefit the economy immediately, and the constant technological advances that will occur in an Alternative Energy Economy will guarantee that the job base will remain strong.

If the President Obama had the guts to act on the future that he knows is right $800 Billion Dollars would have been doled out just to change the Energy Economy in a ten year plan. The immediate effect on the Economy would be enormous and the savings to the Nation in the future would be incalculable both in dollar cost terms and in our standings with Nations that now hold us hostage with fossil fuel production.

The Republicans will shout that the cost is to high relative to drilling and mining fresh fossil fuel sources, but again this is the party that lives on dead ideas. The future belongs to those with vision. President Obama should realize and take stock in the reality that he was elected to be a leader with ideas that will bring this Nation into the future. The time is now to act on those ideas before the opportunity slips away again.

While rescuing the Banks, the Obama Administration can demand that the money they receive from all the Government bail outs and easy credit be risked on funding a new energy economy that will raise the living standard of Americans now and in the future. The present crisis should not put blinders on the ideas that are needed to bring us into the future as a Nation. Every gallon and thermal unit of fossil fuel that we as a Nation no longer burn is an asset that will be reinvested into the other needs of the society. The sooner we stop burning our assets the sooner we will become a Nation that is able to re-invest in our future.
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