Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hannity's Insanity

There is a talk show host on Fox News, Sean Hannity, whose show is called Hannity's America, he also has a talk radio show. During the eight years of the Bush Administration this FNC host was THE BUSH Administration Cheerleader. In his eyes and by his words George W. Bush could do no wrong. Because he was part of the Bush Administration propaganda machine Mr. Hannity had unprecedented access to the White House under the Bush Administration.

When Bush first took office and the Nation started sliding into a recession, Mr. Hannity liked to refer to it as the Clinton recession even though Bush was the President for over a year. Just for laughs I turned on Mr. Hannity's show a few times in the last couple of weeks and heard him refer to the financial mess as the "Obama Recession". President Obama is not even in office a month, it is trivial, but this is not a recession caused by the policies of President Obama, but rather a continuing recession brought on by the failed Republican Policies that Sean Hannity so wholeheartedly supported.

Mr. Hannity can not bear to say the words that this financial mess was created by the failed Bush Republican Policies. Mr. Hannity now expresses dismay over the Stimulus Package proposed by the Obama Administration and the use of the second half of the $350 Billion dollars of TARP money, yet when the TARP money was first requested by the Bush Administration, Mr. Hannity vehemently supported the funding of the TARP even before it was called the TARP by the Bush Administration.

Mr. Hannity professes often that he is a Catholic, and even says "Good Catholic", as opposed to a "bad catholic" I presume, however, he consistently opposes any help for the working class and feels that all the answers to society lie in tax cuts for the rich. Sean Hannity mocked and blamed the people of New Orleans during the Katrina crisis, claiming that it was the fault of people for not getting out before the storm.

As for the Iraq War, Hannity is your typical chicken hawk. He has never served in the Military, yet he is a strong advocate of War. As a "good catholic" Mr. Hannity of course has no sympathy for the thousands of Iraqi People including woman and children who were indiscriminately killed during the Iraq invasion and occupation. Mr. Hannity also supported Gitmo, and the torturing of prisoners, surely his book of Catholicism must be different than the rest of humanity's because I cannot find any passage in the words of Jesus which is the foundation of the Catholic religion that expresses support by Jesus for ignoring the downtrodden, torturing and killing innocents.
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